My work evokes a feeling that encompasses the human experience and seeks to embrace the strengths and weaknesses we all share. I am creating these photographs in order to take an unflinching look at humanity and the ever-changing array of emotions that are present.  

          Within my surrealistic scenes lie all universal intangibles: love and light, time and grief. Using surrealism as a way to transcend the reality we see, to the reality we feel.The soft feminine qualities of my photographs create an ethereal mood pushing through the harshness of the natural world. I create a way of expressing the truest of emotions. The ones felt so deeply that words cannot come close to describing.

          My images encapsulate the ephemeral narrative, a nonexistent story line that only lives for a split moment. As there is no defined plot with a beginning and end; instead, these images are fleeting moments that live on in a constant unchanging state. They are each in their own frozen at an in-between-ness such as that of twilight. The Third Edge speaks about the moment of twilight when things are neither lit nor dark, when what is to come lies just beyond the horizon.